Tęppa's 'Over or near the Sea' Trips

( our slow World tour )


1986   A day trip to Bologne.

The team spent an interesting, if long, day experiencing the pleasures of the 'old town' before retiring to a local hostelry for a well earned rest.

Not too sure what the locals made of our efforts but they made us very welcome.

2004    A longer stay in Gibraltar.

We were lucky in having a Tęppa's girl living on Gibraltar at the time of their tercentenary festivities. We booked most of the youth hostel (we

lied about our ages). It was a trip that we will remember fondly and would be very hard to better. We did not realise that there was so much to do and see.

2008    An 'English tea party' in France.

In the small village of Viry we were very well looked after by our hosts, and treated to their 'English Tea Party' which was well received by the

visitors. We being morris people, took a few bottles of our own  TEA made by Hogs Back Brewery, it went down very well. Can't understand why

we were not invited in 2009

2011    A week-end in the Isle of Wight. (Tęppa's 30th anniversary trip)

This being our 30th anniversary we initially made plans for a trip to Transylvania, we had even collected masses of garlic, just in case !!

but it all went wrong and even a planned recce was thwarted by the Icelandic volcano plume. We were saved by those wonderful folk on

the Isle of Wight having a morris festival. (Know any-one who like garlic ?)

2012    A week-end in Weymouth ( very sunny Weymouth and next the sea)

It was a very pleasant week-end at the Wessex Folk Festival, the weather was brilliant and Weymouth had even painted it's bridge in our colours. Such an honour. What was there not to enjoy. Looking forward to the next time.

2015    A week-end trip to Utrecht in Holland

To dance with the Dutch team, Utrecht Morris Men, who have visited the UK on a number of occasions, and to enjoy their company.  Strange fact, but it is we that will be wearing clogs.